Black Belts

Play lists arranged by grade covering line work, patterns and set sparring

1st Dan

2nd Dan

3rd Dan

4th Dan

Black Belt Training requirements (ALL Black Belts).

Black Belts are required to attend at least one official T.A.G.B Black Belt Training Session every six months to ensure you meet the laid down requirements to be eligible to grade or take a star grading. These sessions involve a £10.00 training fee payable (in cash) on the door at the registration. Make sure you take your current up to date Licence book, so your attendance at the training session is recorded.

There is also a requirement for All Black Belts aged 16 years and above, to attend a T.A.G.B Tournament/Competition, as described in the letter you received when you passed your Black Belt grading, entitled Black Belt Grading Requirements.

If you are in any doubt then please ask/speak with your instructor (or check the calendar of events)

Black Belt Information

It is your responsibility to ensure you read and understand the requirements. In addition to any of the Black Belt Training and Course requirements it is also compulsory that you train regularly within your T.A.G.B club.

Black Belt Training:

Please remember you must do 2 training sessions each year. One in the first half of the year (January to June) and one in the second half of the year (July to December). If you are a junior black belt following the star grading system then you will do a Star Grading and one Black Belt Training session in the opposite half of the year.

You MUST wear your traditional Black Belt dobok and take your Black Belt licence book with you to get stamped up to any black belt training session. The cost of the training sessions are £10.00 unless you are grading.